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making communication count

By pa360, Jan 2 2015 04:03PM

I have just uploaded a presentation on 'dynamic communication' on this website. The main message is that, as individuals, we need to look at everything we do as a means of communication. If we do, we will be better able to harness the power of communication to transform our personal economy, increase access to opportunity and improve prospects for success.

As individuals, we communicate as much though non verbal as through verbal methods. Our choice of friends for example, is a form of non verbal communication that speaks to our judgement, character and maturity. Depending on the sorts of choices we make, those near and around us will form opinions and draw conclusions about us. The point about dynamic communication therefore is that we are always saying something even when we think otherwise.

There is good and bad news for us here. The good news is that if we communicate consistency, positivity, assuredness and good judgement, those near and around us are more likely to respond with confidence in us and loyalty towards us. By contrast if we communicate inconsistency, unreliability, negativity and poor judgement those near and around us are likely to respond with lack of confidence and mistrust..

Communicating desirable qualities boosts your personal brand and increases your spending power in the market place of opportunity.

All of the components of your personal economy are vehicles for effective communication - your belief system, goals and standards all speak volumes about what you stand for as a person and the things that motivate and inspire you. Similarly, the choices you make, the behaviours you exhibit and even the way in which you access opportunity are strong visual indicators of the belief and value system that underpin your personal brand.

Dynamic communication is not about getting it right every time - we all get it wrong and getting it wrong is part of the process of learning. Rather, dynamic communication is about understanding the interrelationships, inter-connectedness and interdependencies between the different ways in which we communicate.

If we understand how things work together, we will be able to make them work better.

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