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making transformation happen

By pa360, Feb 28 2015 08:03AM

We have all heard the word 'transformation'. To transform something is to make it unrecognisable compared to whatever it was before. Think of a business, on the brink of going bust at the beginning of the financial year, recovering to become the market leader by the end of the financial year. That's transformation! For some people the key to their personal transformation relies on a similar seismic change in their circumstances . But whilst transformation implies something dramatic and life changing, the key to transformation does not always have to be so dramatic.

Let me explain. I am sure, like me, you have walked into a dark room to look for something and instead of fumbling around in the darkness, your immediate impulse has been to switch on the light. That very act of turning on the light will have a transformational effect on your surroundings. Suddenly you will be able to see clearly and your spatial awareness will be immeasurably increased. As a consequence, you will be more confident and better able to find whatever you are looking for and avoid tripping over things. Strange isn't it that an effect so transformational, as illuminating a dark room, can be brought about by an act so simple as switching on a light.

Thinking about it, the act of belief can have exactly the same transformational effect on someone's life. Much like flicking a switch, belief is an act of faith that illuminates our mind and enables us to see possibilities and opportunities that may have been hidden from us beforehand. Belief asks the question, without which the answer will always be no. I often remind myself of the great deeds of celebrated achievers in sports, business, technology, politics and science and without exception it would have been impossible for them to achieve their goals without first believing that such things were even possible.

Depending on your circumstances, making transformation happen may indeed require a significant change to your behaviours, habits and routines. These changes may be necessary to overcome significant obstacles that impede your ability to access opportunity. However, its is important to re-emphasise that the process of transformation doesn't just end with change, it starts with change as well. At the beginning, a change in perception, creates a change in attitude, a change in attitude informs changed behaviours and changed behaviours can deliver a change in outcomes.

But it all starts by switching on the light of belief. Once the light is on, we are better able to see the range of opportunities that are available to us.

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